EHA now carries: Shower On Sunscreen by Klenskin

As our lifestyles evolve so should the products we use. One of such clinics that carry these up to date products is EHA in Shaw center also known as Lido, I personally used quite a couple of EHA products like the EHA 24hr sun screen – which is superlight, weighless and not oily. Sits perfectly on your skin as a make up base, where else do you find sunscreen that last for 24hrs – not requiring re-application?

While 24hr sunscreen is great, we can’t use it on parts of our body such as our hair, scalp etc and thats when this new product that EHA carries comes in so handy!

Klenskin is a SPF 30 shampoo , Face and Bodywash all in one! It cleans and protects you from head to toe while also staying paraben free and hypoallergenic. It filters our harmful UVA and UVB and its also…for the record not tested on animals. The product is perfect for all but I think its especially good for those who do water sports or even golfing or any outdoorsy stuff. It’s water resistant for 80minutes 🙂

Just use it like any regular shower gel / bodywash in the shower. I tried the fragrance-free version for a week and I love it so far having just bought a car and then – driving often in the afternoons. It’s non-greasy and there’s no scent! But it also comes in the fresh scent which is mild and I love too, except that I’m saving the second bottle for later. With Ultraviolet radiation in Singapore hitting extreme levels of 15 twice in early feb as reported on The straits times

How it works?

Klenskin active ingredients along with conditioners and antioxidants are engineered to create a protective layer on the skin while locking in moisture and hydration. Also our skin and hair are negatively charged, Klenskin users micro technology to encapsulate ingredients with a positive charge to it stays on your skin like magnet to metal. Ingenius

Available at both EHA Skincare Shaw centre $03-28 and EHA clinic Shaw Centre #15-01
and online at:

At $65 per 236ml bottle

Well this makes me wonder if this is correlated to our republic’s record for myopia/bad eyesight seriously…

In Singapore, it is common for the UV index to reach extreme levels during a four-hour period from 11am to 3pm, when the sun intensity peaks and UV radiation is strongest. It’s why I find it so hard to head out for lunch sometimes lol.

Active ingredients include: Avobenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate.



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